An Afternoon With Friends

Posted on Jan 6, 2013 | 0 comments


After going sledding in the courtyard of our apartment building, Phoebe and her friends came in shivering and all (cutely) demanded hot chocolate! It is so fun for Phoebe (and the others) to live in place that they have best friends living in apartments all around them.


After they got hopped up on sugar they proceded to fun up and down the hall screaming and occasionally banging on the end door at the end of the hallway where the boys and friends where playing Mario Kart Double Dash. Elijah chose to get that game with some of his Christmas money. Elijah and Zeke are way into “retro” video games. For instance, they have the old gameboys, they love NES games and in the case of Mario Kart, they like the older versions better than the latest. I think it is cool since I get to play games that I played when I was a kid. Tecmo Bowl! Anyway, back to the girls bugging the big boys…

Then it was dress up time and down to the playroom to make a movie!

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