Mission Marseille Update | 5 Weeks To Fully Funded

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Hello, friends. Update time! We are anxiously anticipating the day that we land in Marseille, France as a family. We are resting in God’s timing for our arrival as we continue to build our team of partners. Now is the time to join our team!

Here’s the lowdown:

  • Our monthly budget is set at $5,000 USD
  • We currently have $1, 440 PLEDGED toward our monthly budget
  • That’s 23% of our monthly budget pledged
  • To be in Marseille by our target date (January 2014), the remaining 77% needs to be pledged by Thanksgiving
  • Thanksgiving is 5 weeks away
  • This means we need $700 a week pledged between now and Thanksgiving
  • 5 weeks to see God provide the remaining $3500/month we need to see pledged
  • If you have been considering being part of our team. NOW IS THE TIME!
  • Getting to Marseille will be a miracle
  • Getting funded in the next 5 weeks will be insane
  • Are you in?!

Horsman France Budget 23

Are you willing to pray? Are you willing to consider? Are you willing to believe with us that God has indeed called our family to go? Will you be a part of our growing team of monthly partners? We currently have a team of about 60 people who have committed to pray for us and give to us to see the gospel go forth and to see Jesus worshipped in Marseille. Join us on this adventure!


| details on becoming part of our team of partners |


Pray For Us

  • If the Holy Spirit brings us to mind please pray for us
  • I will be contacting about 150 people and a dozen churches in the next 5 weeks
  • Pray for open doors
  • Pray we would get to France at God’s appointed time.
  • I’ll be giving regular updates this fall to let you know how we are doing and how you can be praying.


Calling and Vision Overview Video

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