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Posted on Dec 5, 2013 | 3 comments

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They landed

I was a mixed up ball of emotions a few weeks back when I saw the first batch of Facebook and Instagram posts coming in from our interns on the ground in France. They landed! They arrived! The college, that Janet and I graduated from, the same college that I have worked at for almost 10 years, send their students to the mission field for 1 1/2 years of their training. And Marseille, France is the their newest mission field. As you know, this is were God has called us to be long term missionaries.

But wait

Wait just a second. Wasn’t that supposed to be me? Wasn’t that supposed to be our family in Marseille? We were supposed to be there to welcome the interns. It is so exciting to see the first missionaries actually in Marseille from our tribe. It is exciting to see how the Lord provided for them and made a way for them. So exciting! However, I found myself looking through their pictures and videos with tears streaming down my face. Why? Why am I crying? Well, I’m happy that some of “us” are in France now, but I’m sad that it’s not us. Sad that it’s not the others that are also wanting to be long term missionaries in Marseille with us. I really thought that we were going to be there by now. But we wait. I am realizing in a fresh way that God’s timing is not my timing. The way He does things is not how I would do things. If past experience is any indicator then hindsight will show that He had  our best in mind all along. Even though I know that to be true, this season of waiting and uncertainty is hard. I thought I would be better at the unknown. But it is hard.

He is kind

We’ll get there. Just not in August 2013. Just not in January 2014. Not when I thought we should and would get to France.  When we started this journey well over a year ago, Janet and I both knew that going in any other direction but long term missions in France would be disobedience. The vision of the supremacy of Jesus and His worthiness to be worshiped by all people in Marseille and the Mediterranean Basin is on our heart because it is on the Father’s heart.  He will provide all that we need to do what is on His heart. Throughout this season of gathering our team of partners, He has reminded us again and again that He leads perfectly. Every new partner is another confirmation that God had called us and that He is gathering our team. Slowly but surely, God is calling people to respond to what He is wanting to do in France. We continue in this direction because it is still the direction of obedience. Not sure when we will get there but we will continue in this direction.

He leads, we’ll do our best to follow, and through it all He will be kind.


  1. One of the hardest parts is waiting for His timing. The first time I went to Russia, I knew I was to go in Sept 1991, and I didn’t go till August 1994, but He continues teaching and working on us wherever we are. Be encouraged.

    • Thanks, Mrs. Gould!

  2. “…and through it all He will be kind.” Thanks for that David.

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