Marseille Trip August 2015

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 Thank you for your continued partnership with us for the sake of the Gospel. As we transition from 2015 to 2016, I am so grateful for the Lord’s continued patient leadership in our lives. Even though it is embarrassingly late in coming, I wanted to send you all a few videos from our latest trip to Marseille. See the 3 YouTube links below!
In August last year, we had the privilege to go back to this city that God has put on our hearts. Elijah, Zeke, and Noah came with us and we had an amazing time. We were hosted by our dear friends and partners, Grayling and Sandra Trees. We so enjoyed getting to know the city more, eating the food, spending time with the Bethany interns, preaching at a beautiful small church, and just getting better acquainted with what God is wanting to do here. We currently don’t have plans to live in Marseille but will continue to go on short term trips multiple times a year as the Lord provides. Your partnership allows us to do this. Thank you!11879204_10155930824010158_5390787357177686879_o


Declaring God’s Faithfulness From The Top Of The City!



We brought our boys up to, Notre-Dame de la Garde, the cathedral at the top of a the highest hill in Marseille overlooking the entire city. On our survey trip back in 2013, Janet and I did a video from that spot declaring this to be our future home and asking for partnership. Although things did not work out for us as we thought they would, we have been able to see God’s faithfulness. So it was special to make another video over two years later and still know that God desires Marseille to worship Jesus and that He is in charge of making a way for that to happen

The Sermon I Preached With Grayling Translating Into French

Preaching at Port d’Espoir (Harbor of Hope churrch) with Grayling translating was the highlight of the trip for me. I preached a simple message on the Second Coming of Jesus and how we should live in light of that day. My three points were: 1. The need to receive and proclaim the mercy available at the cross. 2. To hear the call to the cross. Are we willing to lay down our lives so others may receive this mercy? 3. Asking for the Holy Spirit’s help to live out this calling.

As I mentioned in the sermon, we were all impacted as we talked through the Marseille History Museum. Marseille’s history began 2,600 years ago! The amount of rulers and empires that have risen and fallen over these years in this city is staggering. With the ups and downs of conflict and prosperity, a mix of good and terrible leadership, and wicked men prospering on the backs of the poor again and again in Marseille, Walking through the museum, I was struck with the reality of a day coming when “the kingdom of the world will become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and he shall reign forever and ever” (Revelation 11:18). Marseille and ever other city of the earth with one day be under the leadership of the righteous King of Israel. Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

And thank you Grayling for correcting my error in your translation. As I was teaching I said a few times that Marseille’s history was 2500 years old when it was actually a 2600 year history. Without skipping a beat, as Grayling translated into French he said 2600 years! So funny! Thanks buddy!

Slideshow Of Pictures From Our Trip

We had a great time expereinceing the sights and smells of this Mediterranean port city!

If you enjoyed the song, please check out the rest of this album.
We love you all! Please let us know how we can be praying for you as we start this new year.
Dave, Janet and the kids

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