The Cross Before Glory :: Bethany Church Sermon

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In Mark 8 Jesus was declared as the Christ. He then began teaching that the Christ needed to suffer many things and that his followers should follow in His steps. Listen to Dave’s sermon, The Cross Before Glory

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From The Desk Of Dave Horsman

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Am I willing to stand in the counsel of the Lord? Am I willing to speak words that He gives me to speak without concern for my reputation and life?

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The Rapture: Ready When He Returns

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Looking at what Scripture says on this topic is helpful in getting us thinking about some broader themes such as suffering, persecution, taking up our cross to follow Jesus and other fun topics!

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ONEHOPE.ONEBOAST. Conference Archives

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Day One focused on our one hope, the return of Jesus our Messiah.
Day Two focused on our one boast, the cross of Christ crucified.

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Faithful To The End

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Growing up Baptist with the assumption of “Once saved, always saved”, I’ve gone on a bit of a journey with regards to soteriology.

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Show Me Your Ways

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I don’t wanna write my own story
I don’t wanna make my own way
I just wanna follow in Your footsteps, Jesus

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