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An extra hour! Yay! I love this time of year. (Do you?) Don’t get me wrong, I’m as sick of winter as everyone else come February, but for some reason I’ve always immensely enjoyed the time change in the fall. To me, life seems to slow down and I become more contemplative. This time of year kind of feels like that time at the end of the day when eyes get heavy, yawns come easily, and that yummy feeling of sleepiness envelopes you. And then I can’t help but reflect on how richly blessed I am…and also how I desperately need my Heavenly Father’s help to live...

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Noah’s First PACE

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Noah’s first first grade math PACE? Done like dinner.

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Seasonal Pets

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Tis the season to bring home any little critter you can find. We’ve had a turtle, some kidnapped baby birds – which I ordered my eldest to “Put back!” – lots of earthworms, and my favorite, little green inch worms… They’re very photogenic. And here is the story of the critter that got away… The other day I came outside to find Noah almost 15 feet up a tree, precariously teetering on a flimsy branch and poking a stick down a knothole in an attempt to capture the baby squirrel within. Crazy little boy! As I approached the tree to tell him to...

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The Forgotten Hats

Posted by on Jun 7, 2011 in elijah, noah, zeke | 2 comments

So! This past Saturday we had real family photos taken by the amazingly talented NoemiPhotography. It was loads of fun and so overdue; our last family photo was taken (excluding setting up our camera on a tripod) when Zeke was a baby at Sears Portrait studio! Wow. We can’t wait to see them and share them with you. But you know what I did? I got so preoccupied with the girls’ hair that I forgot the boys’ hats. These hats… Arg! I bought them especially for the photo shoot too. *sigh* So, to alleviate how bummed I feel about my forgetfulness, I had to capture their...

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No Rollerblading in the House, Noah!

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Behold our new wood flooring. (Well, I guess it’s a few months old now.) Perfect for rollerblading.

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The Birthday That Was…

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The littlest guy in the Horsman home turned six this past Thursday, if you can believe it.  I cannot. It seems like just a moment ago that he was this little bundle… Anyhow…let’s move on before I bawl my eyes out. The Birthday Party. The weather forecast indicated that Friday, April 29th was to be “just beautiful,” with highs in the mid-60s and light winds.  Since Friday was sandwiched between two or three rainy days on either side, I figured that it would be my best bet for an outdoor birthday party. I did take note of the “increasing clouds into the...

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