Vision Statement for Mission Marseille

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Jesus Will Be Worshipped Night and Day in Marseille, in France, and in the Mediterranean Basin.

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Now The Fun Begins

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We would love to be in Marseille by this fall. 4 months from now! Realistically, if this is going to happen, we will need many miracles of provision.

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ONEHOPE.ONEBOAST. Conference Archives

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Day One focused on our one hope, the return of Jesus our Messiah.
Day Two focused on our one boast, the cross of Christ crucified.

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Pray For Us: Dave and Janet in Marseille

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#missionmarseille Follow along with our survey trip to Marseille! We leave tomorrow and will be on the ground in Marseille for 8 days. We will be giving updates via #missionmarseille on all the popular social media sites that all the kids are using: Instagram Facebook Twitter We will be having fun looking at housing options, schooling options, and meeting with 4 different ministries to get a taste for what God is up to in the region. And of course eating a ton of Bouillabaisse! But most of all we want to feel God’s heart. To see Marseille through His glasses. pray for us As Holy Spirit...

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Show Me Your Ways

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I don’t wanna write my own story
I don’t wanna make my own way
I just wanna follow in Your footsteps, Jesus

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Why Pray Together? 3

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Gathering together in prayer and being sent out in missions are not in conflict. Prayer and missions should be inseparable.

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