Help Dave Record His Songs

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Help Dave record the songs he’s written in this season at Bethany. This project is to be a testimony of all God has done: remembering where we have been and a signpost of where we are going.

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Show Me Your Ways

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I don’t wanna write my own story
I don’t wanna make my own way
I just wanna follow in Your footsteps, Jesus

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Current Top 5

Posted by on Feb 7, 2013 in music, video, worship | 6 comments

What’s your favorite worship song right now?

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My Favorite Carol: Joy To The World

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As someone who does music in a corporate worship setting all week long, I have come to realize something.  The lyric, the content is king. Sure, a melody that’s singable and memorable is very important.  Yes, the groove has got to get your feet moving. Assuredly, the arrangement needs to ebb and flow in all the right places. BUT if the lyric can’t stand under the pressure of the Word then I can’t have it. I want my people to be singing Biblically informed songs that speak of who God is and of what their place is in His story. Not truth from their experience (although that has a place...

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Worship from Last Sunday

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Here’s the mix straight off the board from Sunday, September 2.

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As Promised…

Posted by on Jun 3, 2009 in elijah, family, music | 2 comments

[youtube] P.S. Zeke and Daddy prefer to be on the other side of the camera, apparently. We’re going to have to make up for their not appearing in this video soon!

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