Mission Marseille Update | 5 Weeks To Fully Funded

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Hello, friends. Update time! We are anxiously anticipating the day that we land in Marseille, France as a family. Now is the time to join our team!

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VIDEO: The Horsman Mission Marseille Story

Posted by on May 13, 2013 in family, fb, France, missions, prayer, video | 4 comments

Find out more about why the Horsman family is moving to Marseille, France as long term missionaries, what they will be doing and how you can be part of the story.

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Vision Statement for Mission Marseille

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Jesus Will Be Worshipped Night and Day in Marseille, in France, and in the Mediterranean Basin.

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Why Pray Together? 3

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Gathering together in prayer and being sent out in missions are not in conflict. Prayer and missions should be inseparable.

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Why Pray Together? 2

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In each instance, the word of the Lord was clear. Return to the Lord with all their heart, gather all the people, fast, and pray together.

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Why Pray Together?: Introduction

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…my desire to be part of a community that prioritizes corporate prayer and worship of the coming King, Jesus.

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